Hello! My name is Sneha. I am a medical doctor (MBBS) with a passion for writing and health education. I have been writing in the health and wellness niche for the last few years for fun.

During this time I realised that people are not aware of the basics of health. On top of that, to make matters worse, there is a lot of misleading information that is floating on the internet. Quite often only a one-sided story regarding a health trend is presented and the cons are not highlighted. And this is an issue.

People follow every new health trend based on the buzz around that health trend, without realizing that it may not be for them. Every body is different, and every body responds differently to different food and diet, and even exercise. Additionally, people often forget that when someone is suffering from any health condition, the recommendations for food and exercise may be different for them. So, there are a lot of aspects of health that should ideally be considered while choosing a lifestyle but usually it is not.

This is what I plan to do here. I hope to discuss the various aspects of health, factoring in the cons and contraindications, because when it comes to health— any aspect of it— no one rule fits all. But the basics of health don’t change. And this is what I will be doing here.

won’t be telling you what to eat and what not to eat, or what workouts you should do and shouldn’t— you decide that for yourself. I will also not be telling you any quick fixes—because, there are none (at least not healthy, sustainable ones). I will, however, provide you with the resources that will help you make better decisions regarding your health and will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term.

My goal is to provide the most accurate, science-backed, updated information to the readers.

If this is something that interests you, stick around!

If you have any questions or want me to cover any topics, connect with me on my social media or through the contact page. I don’t spend much time on social media, but I will be putting updates of new posts over there as well.

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P.S. For medico-legal and ethical reasons I don’t provide online medical advice and treatment for medical conditions. If you have any medical issues and concerns, please visit a doctor who can see you in-person.

Medical DisclaimerAll the articles written on this website are for information purposes only. It should not be treated as a replacement for the medical advice given to you by your doctor. Consult your doctor before making any major changes in your diet and workout, especially if you have any co-existing health issues or if you are pregnant/lactating or if you are seeking information for a child. Please follow your doctor’s instruction, as they will know your individual, specific case well.

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